Communication is changing
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Call2Stream or C2S(), is a decentralized, integrated audio, video and messaging service for any business. Peer to Peer secure and private communication. Customisable and easy to implement.

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Secure Connection
Private Connection
Camera Share
Screen Share
WhiteBoard Stream
FileView Stream

Why is this important to us?

Looking forward into 5G networks, blockchain security and multimedia hardware, we see a system that can provide the most powerfull communication tool to stay in front.

Video banking is becoming an easier way to process and approve transactions.

Mentoring Platforms will be the best and easiest way to transfer knowledge in clasic and alternative fields.

Companies can act to provide their customers better support services with video, file and data share.

Developers area

We provide a JS integration library for your web services. Implementation can be easy as:

        const config = {
            author: username,
            room: "roomID",
            apiKey: "xxxxxx"

        let Comm = new Call2Stream.Comm(config);

        Comm.onConnected = (msg) => {
            console.log("User connected to chat room");

        Comm.onConnectionError = (msg) => {
            console.log("Connection could not be established. Please refresh page");

        Comm.onMessageReceived = (data) => {


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If we share the same idea about communication, contact us and be our partner for a better communication.

Author: Irimia Doru-Ionut Address: Iuliu Maniu 15H bl C3 ap 222 Email: [email protected]